Welcome to Earth Day: A Celebration of Localization!

Lions of Batucada at 2006 Earth Day in Sellwood

Lions of Batucada at 2006 Earth Day in Sellwood

The 2014 Earth Day celebration is Saturday, April 26 (10AM to 6PM) at Kenton Park.

The 2014  theme is “Reverse Migration“.

This year’s Earth Day celebration will feature:

  • 75+ sustainable businesses and organizations,
  • Live music & entertainment,
  • Kids’ Village & Procession of the Species parade,
  • The Soapbox Speakers’ Stage,
  • Health and Wellness Village,
  • Full effort to recycle all materials and
  • Volunteer opportunities in the Kenton Neighborhood through Earth Day clean-up projects!
  • Sprockets

Photos courtesy of Portland Ground.

The Earth Day Celebration is an annual event organized by the Portland Earth Day Coalition, LLC. The Portland Earth Day Coalition is a collection of individuals, organizations, businesses and neighborhood associations that hosts the event. We value and respect the partnerships formed by bringing people together to create a mindful Earth Day celebration in a neighborhood each year.

A coalition of organizations and businesses are coming together once again to produce the 2014 Earth Day Celebration. Circus Cascadia will be running the Kids’ Village entertainment, Abstract Earth Project is booking musicians for the main stage, Speaking the Unspeakable is leading the Soapbox Speakers Stage and The City Repair Project is setting up their main stage for music. 

Earth Day is mostly planned, designed, organized, built and run by volunteers and on a minimal budget. At this point, a coordinator is paid to organize the event and as we grow, we hope to add more paid positions to our team.

The Earth Day Celebration brings over 4,000 people to a different community in Portland every year for what is probably the country’s largest community-organized, non-TNC (trans-national corporation) sponsored Earth Day Celebration.

Special Note: Each year since 1999, Portland’s largest community-based event to promote awareness of environmental issues has been organized by The City Repair Project. In 2013, due to lack of volunteer support, this Earth Day celebration did not happen in Portland. A new organization coordinated by Bob New (see bio below) has taken the reins to ride this wild horse in 2014 and beyond… The City Repair Project is honored to share this framework for running a large, non-corporate, ecologically sustainable event with other organizations and businesses in Portland and beyond.

The Earth Day Celebration represents the monumental ideal of public spaces becoming community places for people to gather for learning, working and most of all, fun!

Lead Coordinator

Bob NewBob New is an urban activist who lives in Portland, OR. His experience includes working with many respected and renown non-profit and cooperative organizations that forms part of Portland’s community web. Bob created the Portland Earth Day Coalition, LLC in February, 2014 to organize this year’s celebration and into the future. Plans include year-round workshops, events, consulting and other sustainable outreach efforts as more individuals and groups join as partners of the Portland Earth Day Coalition, LLC.

In addition to working with The City Repair Project as the Earth Day Coordinator from 2006-2008, Bob has been the Volunteer Coordinator for the North Portland Tool Library,  Finance / Development Manager at the Alberta Co-op Grocery, Farmers’ Market manager for the Interstate Farmers’ Market.

Bob has been a Portland resident for over 15 years and continues to find joy in the extraordinary community in this city.

Get in touch with Bob New (Earth Day Coordinator) by email!